Mountain Dew Portraits

For their latest TV campaign, Mtn Dew created "living portraits" that showed off the individuality of their top athletes. It was up to us find a way to push the campaign past TV and extend the engagement online.

Client Mountain Dew
Project Year 2013
Project Status Archived
Project Links Launch Project
Related Tags Website

Because the portraits are so intricate and expansive, we wanted users to be able to fully explore the visually-packed collages. We created an immersive HTML site that combines full screen video with interactive looping states of each portrait. During the endless portrait loops, fans can search for hidden Easter eggs that delve deeper into the worlds of the Dew All-Stars. These expanded content portals help to deepen the experience of each portrait.

In addition to building the digital home for the living portraits, we created animated GIFs of key characters from each scene that can be shared across Tumblr and other social channels. We were also responsible for developing standard, rich and takeover media units that extended the assets from the commercials across the digital space.


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