Staring Contest

SoBe is always looking for a challenge—something new and different for fans to experience as part of SoBe’s "Try Everything" platform. For this campaign, they wanted an experience that captured the attention of the male Millenial audience so they could share the message of SoBe.

Client Sobe
Project Year 2011
Project Status Archived

The experience featured rising supermodel Kate Upton starring in a digital staring contest. SoBe threw her a party centered around the contest and invited users to join in.

Users competed over webcam, using eye recognition technology developed in-house. We could tell when a user’s eyes looked down into the “No-No Zone." Any movement away from Kate’s eyes meant an instant loss.

The technology worked by detecting a user’s face about 30 times a second with computer vision algorithms. After face detection, it separated light and shadow, measuring the amount of shadow present in each eye. Calibration beforehand determined how aligned an eye was to the middle of the screen and tracked movement up and down to see where users were looking. 

About 60% of users clicked to try the experience again and spent an average of 2:33 on the site. With 209,165 page views, SoBe fans rose to the challenge of staring down Kate in order to "Try Everything."

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