Try a New Look

SoBe had a new mantra to debut at SXSW, but they were lacking an interactive experience to help kick-start the launch of "Try Everything." It had to be fun, engaging and shareable so this captive group of Millenials could help spread the word about SoBe.

Client Sobe
Project Year 2011
Project Status Archived

Called "Try A New Look," the experience used facial recognition software to let users try out various hairstyles, facial hair and other accessories to experiment with what fit them best. The technology was perfected in-house at Firstborn. The software recognized and tracked to a face so each look fit precisely to someone’s unique features.

First, a user selected his or her new look by viewing a gallery or pressing a button to cycle through the options. Once he or she was satisfied, the user captured a short video or photo to show off the realistic new hairstyle or mustache. They could then share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

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