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Fusing our digital expertise with a desire to create custom content for our clients, we launch a new reel, and a new era, for the Firstborn studio.

Client firstborn
Project Year 2011
Project Status Live
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We believe in great content. In a time when we’re trying to reach people in an oversaturated world, one thing that can stand out is "can’t-help-but-watch-it" content. And that’s what the Firstborn Studio—with its live action video and 2D/3D animation capabilities—works tirelessly every day to create.

Deciding years ago that we no longer wanted to fill our custom digital experiences with content that was anything but customized, we began to build from scratch what we wanted our audiences to encounter.

Since then, we’ve created immersive video experiences for clients like Google, JetBlue, SoBe, AT&T and The Hartford. Our group of 3D artists have brought the Aflac duck to life with animation, created lifelike worlds for 5 Gum and have recreated the RMS Titanic from a series of old photos. Working with both our direct clients as well as partnering with agencies like Goodby, Rogers Townsend, Ogilvy and Wunderman, the Firstborn Studio boasts a balance of collaborative projects and those that we created from conception.

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