Extra Gum
Dessert Delights

With the launch of Dessert Delights, flavors that taste like delicious desserts, Extra Gum wanted us to create an experience that compared the 5-calorie gum to actually eating the high calorie desserts.

Client Wrigley
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
Related Tags Content

The experience was based around the idea of 5-Calorie Workouts: fast, quirky exercises to burn off those paltry 5 calories.

Users were presented with an easy decision: 5 or 500 calories? If the user chose 5 calories (a stick of Extra gum), he or she entered the world of the 5-Calorie Workout featuring workouts such as the "Whiteboard Wipeout" and the "Stapler Slam Jam."

The alternative was choosing a 500-calorie guiltercise. Monotonous pushups or climbing stairs seemed unbearable when compared to 5-calorie-burning "Office Joust."

The Firstborn team created every step of the project, from concepting, designing, filming and editing the workout videos to designing and programming the site.

The content worked across social channels so users could share with friends via Twitter and Facebook. They could also view the 5-Calorie Workouts on their mobile devices. Who knew 5 calories could be so fun?

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