5 Gum

Wrigley had to get the word out about 5 Gum’s newest flavor, 5 Vortex. It had to be interesting enough to catch the attention of a younger, hard to impress audience. Interestingly, it would be the first 5 Gum flavor without a TV spot dictating the direction to take in digital.

Client Wrigley
Project Year 2011
Project Status Archived
Related Tags Content

The Firstborn 3D team created a video that took users on a first person point of view plunge down a water slide full of splashing, juicy green flavor. When the user finally reached the end, he or she was encouraged to click through to the accompanying landing page.

Users visiting the landing page could continue the experience by unlocking more footage with special codes found in the 5 Vortex print ads. Full-screen video on the experience featured keyboard controls and interactive elements so users could be in charge of navigating their ride.

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