Ford Edge was releasing their most advanced system to date: the MyFord Touch System. Our challenge was to create something that allowed users to take the MyFord Touch System for a test drive.

Client Ford
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
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Superior in its technology and usability, the MyFord Touch system combined mobile devices, navigation, entertainment and climate control all within one touchable screen. Two LCD displays, located on the dashboard, put all the functionality directly into the driver’s line of sight. The five-way controls on the steering wheel and 10,000 voice commands allowed the driver to access everything the Ford Edge had to offer.

In order to fully capture the MyFord Touch System online, the experiences used a combination of video and 3D animation, along with a personal guide to help users explore the various features in an interactive, choose-your-own adventure. When users arrived at the experience, they could choose which feature they were interested in exploring and the "guide" demonstrated how it worked.

The "Tech Hub" gave more serious consumers a detailed view and description of the features. Users could see the full spectrum of offerings at a glance and explore those that interested them most.

Agency Partner: Team Detroit


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