Heads or Tails

Everyone loves that feeling of looking under a cap and winning something great. SoBe wanted to launch a digital promotion using under-the-cap codes to win cool prizes. It needed to be a unique brand experience: lighthearted, fun and natural, to accompany its traditional in-store promotion.

Client Sobe
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
Project Links Launch Demo
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SoBe’s scaly-skinned bottle and eye-catching lizard can’t distract from the great stuff inside. It was more the case than ever with the "Under the Cap" site. Using full screen video and dynamic, hand-illustrated directions, made the bottle the star.

Users visited the site and selected one of the characters hanging out on-screen. The character flipped his or her cap and, hopefully, revealed fun SoBe prizes.

A twist-off interface was a cool way for users to digitally unlock their chance to win. Live-action characters, unique for an under-the-cap promotion, represented each user’s excitement about flipping the cap—winning a prize thrilled the characters just as much as it did the user. And, of course, if the winner flipped tails (in honor of the brand’s lizard), they won.

Winning percentages of each character floated above their heads, showing their participation in the promotion. A natural, bottle-in-hand strategy echoed the rest of our work with SoBe. The prizes and delicious SoBe flowed until the last flip.


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