Out of Context

With a newly redesigned bottle and a bunch of new flavors to debut, SoBe was willing to let loose and show off the brand’s uninhibited side.

Client Pepsi
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
Related Tags Content

The "Out of Context" ads showed SoBe fans—found on the streets at SXSW—describing the bottle and taste of SoBe. Their descriptions, taken out of context, created a collection of double entendre phrases that quickly made sense when shown next to the SoBe bottle. Hand-drawn animations decorated the video, punctuating the hilariously eyebrow-raising comments.

The ads ran on TV to make sure SoBe fans knew about the new flavors and bottle design. Cool music, in addition to the stunning visuals and quick cuts of the video, enticed fans to check out a brand that wasn’t afraid to be a little brazen.

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