5 Gum

5 Gum was about to usher in a gum revolution with their new product, 5 REACT. The only problem was figuring out a way to get samples into the hands of eager fans.

Client Wrigley
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
Project Links Launch Demo
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In March 2010, 5 Gum unveiled two new flavor experiences, REACT Mint and REACT Fruit, designed to Stimulate Your Senses with a mixture of flavors in every stick that each chewer experiences differently.

To get fans excited about the launch of 5 REACT, we created 5REACT.com. It was a personalized sensory experience that invited 5 Gum Facebook fans and online thrill seekers to experience a fresh, interactive journey they would want to share with their social networks.

The site utilized Facebook Connect technology to pull in users’ photos, news feeds and wall posts to create the personalized, interactive experience.

5 Gum rewarded up to 100,000 existing Facebook fans by mailing them a full pack of either new 5 REACT Mint or 5 REACT Fruit. Fans also received a unique code and 3D glasses that allowed them to explore an exclusive online experience at 5REACT.com. These select fans could then invite up to five of their Facebook friends to experience 5 REACT for themselves.


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