Redesign 2010

Aflac’s new website had to communicate to visitors exactly why they needed supplemental insurance. The redesign of needed to be entertaining, educational and, most importantly, easily digestible.

Client Aflac
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
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For over 10 years Aflac had been telling their story with the help of the famous iconic Aflac Duck, arguably one of the most recognized brand "spokespersons" in the past decade. But just because everyone knew who Aflac was, didn’t mean they knew exactly what the company did.

When tasked with the redesign of, the goal was to provide a rich understanding of the policies and benefits behind the Duck.

The experience communicated the full Aflac story. Unlike the advertising of the past ten years, this initiative was focused on educating the consumer rather than raising brand awareness alone.

During concepting we realized that the basic facts about Aflac were its most powerful marketing tool; this information distinguished the brand from its competitors. We created one vignette for each Aflac fact so that digestible information was communicated to the audience through engaging animation, interactivity and the Aflac Duck himself. Users who visited the site were entertained and, more importantly, understood exactly why they needed Aflac.


Honorable Mention, Design


Bronze Winner / use of Animation


People's Voice Winner / Insurance

Summit Creative

Bronze Award, consumer service
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