The Smarter City

IBM wanted to demonstrate their unmatched leadership in making the world a smarter place. The goal was to create an online city that provided solutions for more intelligent urban structures and systems.

Client IBM
Project Year 2009
Project Status Live
Project Links Launch Project
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The Smarter City was a place where technology helped create massive energy efficiencies. Transportation systems worked together to make commuting easier. Education was optimized and everyone’s healthcare was networked, helping to provide wider-reaching benefits. When people were inside The Smarter City, they could see the importance of technology and how it could be used to improve our everyday lives.

Leveraging our 3D expertise, we created an interactive, digital city where users could immerse themselves in information. As users traveled through The Smarter City, they could see how IBM worked with government agencies around the world to make life better for their citizens. The effects could be seen for miles and span many years into the future.

The result was an ever-evolving experiment of growth and discovery. It was a place where ideas were put to work. It was a city to help make us all smarter.

Agency Partner: Ogilvy


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