The Ford Fiesta

Ford sent 100 real people out in Fiestas and asked them to record their adventures. The brand needed a hub to house the on-the-road content.

Client Ford
Project Year 2009
Project Status Archived
Related Tags Website

There was a wealth of content created during this Fiesta Movement; the hub organized the "best of" into digestible information for consumers to consider as they researched the 2011 Fiesta.

The "Ask Us" section tapped the collective power of the "Fiesta Agents" by collecting questions and crowd sourcing the answers. It was no surprise that people trusted recommendations from real people more than they did from a brand. The Fiesta Experience allowed users to ask agents about their experience with the vehicle—any feature or function that interested them—and get real-time feedback from behind the wheel.

Agency Partner: Team Detroit


Honorable Mention, Community Website
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