The Hartford

The Hartford is known for being a huge supporter of small business ownership. Whereas most insurance companies provide blanket coverage to companies, The Hartford offers specialized plans by industry. It wanted to introduce itself to potential insurees using successful claims from various businesses to demonstrate The Hartford’s outlook on business.

Client The Hartford
Project Year 2010
Project Status Archived
Project Links Launch Demo
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The Flash-based video journey showcased all The Hartford had to offer by featuring stories of small businesses across the county. Each video follows a different small business owner who was helped by The Hartford. Whether it’s an ice cream maker whose refrigerator unexpectedly fritzed or a radio DJ with hail damage, viewers experienced a day in the life of small business ownership under The Hartford’s protection. A range of companies, claims and areas of the country proved the diversity of The Hartford’s coverage.

The Hartford’s tagline, "Achieve What’s Ahead," translated to a site that’s all about forward movement. Users could see how being insured by The Hartford is positive progress in the right direction.

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