Firstborn vs. Big Spaceship

All bets are in! Firstborn wins the gotoAndPlay() Tournament and walks away with trophies, bragging rights and a redirect for the day.

Client firstborn
Project Year 2008
Project Status Archived
Project Links Launch Demo

Friday, December 5th, Firstborn and Big Spaceship decided to engage in the first gotoAndPlay() tournament where both our companies got together for a day of fun, debauchery and, believe it or not, camaraderie.

As opposed to our usual competitions for work, press and talent, our companies decided to stage a new competition: basketball, foosball, ping pong and an after party (of course!).

Big Spaceship completely destroyed us in foosball, but we proved to be the better team on the basketball court. And while ping pong was close, we walked away victorious to hold the winning title for the first gotoAndPlay() tournament. As part of our victory, agreed to in the terms prior to the fiasco, the winner takes all, if only for a day...

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