Bad Credit Hotel

Talking about credit, especially bad credit, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. We wanted to create an experience that was not only stylish and engaging, but also informative and helpful.

Client U.S. Treasury
Project Year 2008
Project Status Archived

Lowe and Firstborn created this online adventure to help the U.S. Treasury demonstrate the importance of one’s individual credit score. educates users about personal finance beneath the guise of a spooky journey through the Bad Credit Hotel. The environment is an intricate blend of 3D and HD video, cloaked in dark corners with dimly lit scenes that mimic classic black and white film noir of the 1950s. Users can only move ahead after hidden pockets of useful information are unveiled with the ultimate goal being to reach Room #850.

Firstborn’s designers combined the stylistic elements of old Hollywood with modern technology by implementing various aging effects and lighting contrasts that emulate the classic silver screen genre. As we began to explore various approaches to user flow, hidden features and room rewards, we decided to explore a game-like format to keep the excitement that is often lost in a didactic, content-heavy experience. While the concept of the Bad Credit Hotel places a modern twist on the traditional government site, Firstborn wanted to create an experience that would also stand out among more the innovative promotional sites that typically entice a young adult demographic.

What are you waiting for? Come on in and solve the great mystery of credit. You just might find yourself over the rainbow.

Agency Partner: Lowe NY


Official Honoree / Government

Summit Creative

Bronze Winner / Government


Bronze Winner / Online Video


Award of Excellence / Government
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