Firstborn Intranet

The Firstborn Intranet, a powerful and feature rich application that we built from the ground up, has become a vital part of how we run our business. Now if we can only get it to make the coffee!

Client firstborn
Project Year 2005
Project Status Archived

As we began to grow as a company both in the scale of the projects we took on as well as adding more people to our team, we needed a tool that could organize the way we ran our business. After looking at the major off-the-shelf applications that were out there, we realized it made more sense for us to build our own intranet that would have exactly the features we required.

The Firstborn Intranet contains various modules that we’re adding to all the time. It has a boatload of features including a contact management section for organizing our business development efforts, a time tracker so we know how many hours each team member is spending on a particular project, a master job list, a company address book, message board, employee vacation calendar, invoice generator, human resources database and an area that allows each producer to set up client extranets for reviewing work in progress. Now that we have it we can’t imagine our lives without it!

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