December 12, 2014 News

Hate Flying? Japanese Airline ANA’s New Mobile Game Takes Your Mind Off Takeoff

In 2014, airlines lifted the restriction preventing passengers from using their mobile devices during takeoff. Japanese Airline ANA and agency Firstborn found that the perfect opportunity to alleviate the anxiety of nervous passengers and created a mobile game designed to keep their minds off flying.

The "Takeoff Mode App" distracts travelers with a puzzle game that requires them to maneuver a ball on the screen, while relaxing music plays in the background. The app can also read the ambient noise of the plane, which triggers a special animation to play when takeoff occurs -- to give them an extra bit of hand-holding.

Inspiration for the app came from a study commissioned by the ANA, which found that anxious flyers found takeoff to be the most stressful part of a plane ride.